I’ve been getting a few asks on how I go about doing my paintings so I decided to put together my process of a latest painting. 
Hopefully it will help and provide some tips for others! 

1 ♦ I start with a simple sketch, nothing too much since it’s really just there for a guild line. I also put in simple colours that I want to use for my background. Usually when developing a background I search through some nice colour palettes to find something that will fit with what I have in mind.
Here’s a great blog for anyone who wants some palettes!  —colour palettes—

2 ♦ Here I would start working on my background. I’ll create a light source and any details that I want to add in. The sketch goes into hiding so that I don’t get distracted by it.

3 ♦ Now that the background is done I’ll be adding in my flat colours, no shading just yet.

4 ♦ Now for the fun part! At this stage I’ll start to add in minimal shading, making sure to stick with the light source and getting a feel for the painting. 

5 ♦ Just some more details, I start to wrap up the painting, making the shading tighter and less sloppy. I also start to add the highlight around the edges 

6 ♦ More tiny details! At this point the sketch is mostly gone and it’s just a clean up stage.

7 ♦ Lastly I finish up anything that needs some touch ups and I add some lighting filters.

And that’s about it! If there are any questions please don’t hesitate to ask ♥


The strange collection of fused porcelain, artist Livia Marin

An artist has reshaped service porcelain teapots and cups by giving them a molten appearance … all without damaging or changing the patterns inscribed on objects! Discover a collection of weird and wonderful porcelain.

Born in Chile, Livia Marin , imagine a whole new world for cups and teapots in his series of ceramic Nomad Patterns. The artist deflected by making ceramic bathing, a very surreal way, in flasks covered and sagging patterns. A fabulous clash between tradition and modernity.

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